Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Douglas Hot Springs

We had heard about Douglas Hot Springs, so decided to go there next. The road going in was bitumen, but very bouncy, and then there was gravel road for the last few kilometres. We were disappointed to open the caravan door, to find the contents of the fridge scattered across the floor!
We were hoping to go to Butterfly Gorge while we were in the area but it was closed.

The camping area at the springs was very nice, and there were lots of people there.
There was even a designated generator area which was good as our batteries needed topping up for having been 4 days off power. We enjoyed a nice evening with some people from Geelong - Richard and Marilyn. They travel around selling stuff at the shows and were heading to the Darwin show.
The hot springs are amazing. Very hot water just comes bubbling out of the rocks and flows into a river. You can't go too far up the river because it is just too hot, but sitting a little downstream is very relaxing.

Part of this sign didn't worry Randall!! Can you guess which part???
We don't need to wash in the river anyway, with our trusty rainman shower to keep us clean:

The area was very pretty and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there.

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