Monday, July 19, 2010

Litchfield Natinal Park

We headed into Litchfield. We went and looked at the magnetic termite mounds, which were quite different to the ordinary mounds – a different colour too.

Our site at Buley rockhole was not the most pleasant as we were near the toilets. We had to take it so we could set up and put the satellite dish up to watch Katie on Millionaire Hotseat. It felt really strange watching our daughter on TV, and, although she didn’t get the money, we were very proud of her.
The next morning Randall was scanning and as soon as one lot of campers moved out, we moved in! It was a much more pleasant site, and we decided to stay a few more days and take in the sites of Litchfield from there.
One day we headed off to get a good lookat some of the interesting places in the park that were 4WD only. We drove into what was called The Lost City. It was really interesting – all these rock formations that looked like the remains of an old city. It was because of the sandstone weathering into blocks. It was worth the drive in.

We went to a place called Blyth Homestead – a little home that was an outstation to a main homestead. There were 2 river crossings to get there – the first one was fine as you could see the depth of the water which was .4m, but the second one OMG!!!! Well, we couldn’t see the other side, it was murky, so you couldn’t see how deep it was, and couldn’t check because of crocodiles. Randall and I were on the edge of our seats, as there was no turning back once committed.

From Randall’s point of view the trip into see the homestead wasn’t really worth it although I found it all very interesting. Randall’s mind was on the return trip through the water!!!

We decided to have a look at the Tjaynera Falls as they sounded really nice and had a lovely swimming hole. We had to walk in about 1.7km, but it was worth it as the falls were beautiful and the swimming hole was very cooling. We cringed watching some kids climbing way too high and jumping into the water. With no real idea what was underneath we thought it was very foolish.

Our last day in Litchfield was spent at Batchelor. We needed to get phone and internet connection so Randall could do his Supercoach and I could update the blog. We found a nice tavern in the town and sat down for a beer and lunch, and worked on our computers. We have wireless internet and both of us can be on the net at the same time.

After we had done all the things needed to be done we headed back to our campsite for a swim and a relax. The rockholes are really lovely and we enjoyed a swim every day.

That evening as we were relaxing with a glass of wine before tea, Randall pointed to a bright light moving across the sky and I saw it too. I said that maybe it was a meteor, but it didn't have a tail or anything. Then he suggested it was a UFO, and that no-one would believe us because we had had a few wines!!
The next day as we stopped at Pine Creek on our way to Douglas Hot Springs we bought the paper and here is what was on the front:

That was at the Katherine Show, and I'm sure there were a lot of sober people there :)

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  1. Hi my cousins,

    I've been having a lovely time reading all about your trip.
    Great photos! Randall looks so relaxed.
    Yes I did notice your caravan is petite. And so are you Deb.
    I think I've only met you once, you've got a great figure.
    Randall, you mentioned Kings Canyon, that's where Rose died in her tent, she loved going on camping tours. Rose is our aunt and the mother of Keith (and Judith) who you are wanting to catch up with near Cairns (Babinda and Derail) at some time.
    Yes I love the didgeredoo, they are spine chilling. Also drum work.
    Great UFO you found, but I've seen a real flying saucer near Tunbridge years ago and I don't drink it all.
    Who are the cousins in Darwin? Presume they are on Geoff's side of the family.
    Enjoy your trip, you're only here once.

    Love Annette.

    My email address is: