Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Bungle Bungles

We collected the van from Kununurra, made a few phone calls, then headed off to go see the Bungle Bungles. You are not allowed to take caravans in, so we stayed the night at a lovely free campsite at a place called Spring Creek, ready to head off early in the morning, leaving the caravan behind.

We got in and checked in at the visitors centre before heading off to have lunch then look at Cathedral Gorge. The scenery is amazing here - the rock formations are quite unusual.

Cathedral Gorge was great. A huge amphitheatre like space and very awe inspiring. All these gorges we go into are very quiet and still and have a very special feeling to them.
After doing a short walk around the domes, where Randall the rock art cynic found an example of how its really done,

we headed off to the Kurranjong campsite to setup for the evening. We had a nice spot and had a lovely evening. It was funny not having the caravan with us with all its conveniences.

The next morning we decided to look in on the mini palms gorge and Echidna chasm, then hightail it out of the Bungle Bungles. The mini palms gorge was a good walk in, along a rocky riverbed - never easy to walk on I can tell you!
Randall thought he had lost weight, but he had to take his waterpack off to squeeze through here:
Of course, I got through without having to take mine off :)

When we got to the end of the walk, we looked down on the floor of the gorge and it really was quite spectacular.
We then headed off to look at Echidna Chasm, which we had seen in pictures and thought it was a must see, and it was!
After that we hopped in the car and headed off back to the highway - 1 1/2 hours to drive 52 kilometres - back 'home' as we now referred to our caravan.

We really enjoyed The Bungle Bungles and felt it was well worth the trip in, and we enjoyed staying in our roof top tent as well.

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