Monday, August 16, 2010

El Questro via Wyndham

We left our caravan in storage at Kununurra for a few days so we could head in along the Gibb River Road. We went up to Wyndham first to check it out. It is the home of the big Croc and that's about it, except for the amazing lookout above it.
As we were leaving, we passed the racetrack and it was the Hall's Creek Cup. We would have gone in but they were charging $18 and we only wanted to see one race, anyway we watched from the sidelines,

and then headed off to El Questro Wilderness Park along the Gibb River Road.This is a privately owned park and you have to pay a park entry fee of $17.50 each. We first called in to have a look at Emma Gorge. They closed the track at 3pm as it gets dark a bit after 5, and they didn't want any one left on the track by dusk. We walked in just on 3 and easily did the walk and had a lovely swim.

We headed into the station where camping was available and set up camp using the roof top tent for the first time. It was very comfortable and roomy and I slept really well, except when Randall got up twice and shook the tent each time he climbed down the ladder!!
The camp is in the middle of a cattle station, so when we got up the next day we were greeted with a herd of cattle wandering past us!

We decided to look at a couple more things in the park then head back for another night at the station. We called in at Zebedee Springs, some lovely hot springs, but there were heaps of people there so it did not have much ambience!
Our next stop was El Questro Gorge, which was the prettiest walk to a gorge that we had done.
We were both disappointed that we couldn't complete this walk, as I got stumped and couldn't climb up a big rock to get to the next section. The waterhole here was really nice though and we had a nice refreshing swim. Apparently the next part was for the extremely fit and adventurous, and though I like to think I am fit, I just couldn't get myself up and over that boulder!! Randall did it, but with a bit of difficulty.

Our second night was really lovely as we had a private campsite at no extra cost. (I might say, they charged us $17 a head, and no power!) The campsite was lovely and we really enjoyed our evening there sitting by the fire and soaking up the ambience.
The next morning we packed up and headed back to Kununurra to get our van and head off on our next adventure to see the Bungle Bungles.

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