Friday, September 10, 2010

Heading to Perth

We packed up from Monkey Mia and felt a bit sad that it was the last stop in the warm weather. We decided to get to Perth asap as our car was due for its 10,000k service. We drove in and checked out Geraldton, but bypassed other touristy places on the way. That will have to wait until another time. We had one roadside stop which we shared with a number of other caravans, and one of the guys offered to take our photo as we enjoyed our wine in the sun:

We arrived in Perth mid morning, and headed straight to the home of a friend of ours, Phil, who used to work for us at our old business - Southern Amusements. It was lovely to catch up with him and Angela and Jacob, and hear all about his new business in LED lighting. Angela cooked up a lovely dinner for us which we all enjoyed.

We had stayed at a caravan park near Phil's house, in the wine region and we saw heaps of wineries while we were in the area.
Our car and caravan were absolutely filthy - something very abhorent to Randall, so before we headed to Fremantle to another park closer to town, Randall did a car and caravan wash.

We enjoyed our stay in Perth, except it poured with rain and all my washing took several days to dry!! We found a nice fish and chip place nearby and Randall enjoyed their chips very much!

We also managed to catch up with Randall's cousin, David, while we were in Perth, which was really nice.
The car got its service done, and we were ready to head across the Nullabor to Adelaide. Randall and I were quite excited about the trip, with no idea what to expect.

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