Sunday, September 19, 2010

To Melbourne and Home

We had an enjoyable stay in Adelaide, then decided to take two days to get to Melbourne, stopping somewhere in between for the night. We ended up staying at just out of Ararat, only 200ks from Melbourne. There was a campsite with a tick in our camps book, so we headed there to see if we would like it. It was a bit like Risdon Brook Dam, and was very pleasant, away from the highway. We lit the fire, and relaxed and enjoyed a delicious tea (cooked by moi) - our last roadside camp of the trip.

The drive to Melbourne was good as we were driving in during the morning, so avoiding peak hour. We chose to stay at a caravan park called Ashley Gardens, about 10 ks out of Melbourne, near Footscray. We took an ensuite site with our own toilet and shower We even set up the annexe - the first time we had used the annexe in the whole holiday, but it was worth it with the weather being a bit cool, and we could have a heater going and it was as warm as toast! We could even cater for visitors.
Our main purpose here was to see the girls, and it was lovely catching up with them. We had lunch, watched them play basketball, did the Titanic exhibition, and had a family dinner. It was a lovely way to end the holiday.
There is one thing that could have been a disaster......I NEARLY BURNT DOWN THE CARAVAN!!!!! We were on power, being in the caravan park, so we don't usually use the gas stove, but one night I did some cheese toasties under the grill and totally forgot to lift the lid of the cooker. I had some plastic things sitting on the lid, and the base of those melted, the rubber mat that was sitting on top of the cooker also melted, and the lid looks a bit worse for wear.

Luckily I realised just in time and stopped any more damage. I'm so glad this didn't happen at the beginning of the holiday, not at the end, and that there was no serious damage.
We were a bit sad to pack up the caravan for the last time and head for the Spirit of Tasmania terminal.

It was a busy sailing with 780 people on board. I guess it was because it was the start of mainland school holidays, and the end of Tasmanian holidays. I was surprised to find that my dear friend Neinie, was on the boat as well, so we enjoyed chatting while keeping half an eye on the footy - Saints against Bulldogs. Saints won, which I was happy about. We really noticed when we got past the Heads, as it was a bit rough, but I had taken my ginger tablets and felt ok.
Sadly, no flash cabin for us on our return journey, just the regular one.
We arrived home at about 11am after a stop at Campbell Town for coffee and breakfast.
What a fabulous holiday we have had!! So many amazing memories, thousands of pictures to look at......and driven over 22,000 kilometres. We both feel more complete as Australians, having seen some of the best of the country. What's more...we can't wait to do it all again in other parts of the country!!

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