Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bonnie Hills to Bateman's Bay

We had a very long day yesterday - getting up at 5am and leaving Bonnie Hills at 6.15am. We had a couple of stops, one for breakfast at about 9 am, and a coffee stop at a rest area just south of Sydney. We really enjoyed that one, as it was quite fast and furious on the motorways.

We couldn't get over how many hills had been carved into on the way through Sydney, and there were a lot of high wind warnings for cars towing caravans, as we went over high bridges. Luckily for us, it was not windy!

We had an idea of where we wanted to park ourselves next, and using our trusty GPS system, Tomtom, we went the shortest route, through Murramurang National Park. As we approached a gravel road, my face fell, and tried to get Randall to go the highway instead, but no, trust me he says, and so we go off road. We had one stop to take a photo to prove we have been offroad....

and then we had an enforced stop to get a huge lump of wood out from under us!

I was ever so glad when our trusty GPS lead us back to the Princess Highway - a very 'interesting' shortcut!

We have ended up at Bateman's Bay, and, as the car and van were so filthy, the first thing Randall did was wash them, ignoring any water restrictions!

When I opened the cupboards, I had to be very careful, as the poor little caravan had been very shaken up on our off road trip. We were both very tired after we set up, so we ate out at an Italian restaurant, watching the sky light up and listening to the thunder rumble.

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