Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bonnie Hills

Morning mist at our campsite

Bonnie Hills is just one of many lovely spots we called into when we left Broken Head. It is on the beach, but we both noticed how cold the water was here, so we know we are heading south!! We much preferred the swimming pool here as it was warm!

Today we drove to a place called Diamond Head. It is in Crowdy Bay National Park and has some lovely walks etc as well as being near the beach.

We saw this exact same picture in a magazine, and both of us wanted to go there. It certainly is very beautiful. There is a camping ground nearby, so we have added it to the list of 'must go back to's'!!! We walked along another track nearby and came to the ocean again, with the beach going on and on in the distance.

Our campsite here feels like we are in the bush. Kookaburras are laughing all the time, and there are lots of trees for shade.

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