Saturday, January 31, 2009

Heading South

Sadly, we are starting our treck south. Both Randall and I wish we could continue our holiday, neither of us are sick of this life!
We really enjoyed our stay at Broken Head. The water was lovely and there was a nice little track around the headland that we went on

Here is Randall's best view in bathers - new Speedos purchased at Pacific Fair in Surfers.

There were some interesting bush turkeys running around our campsite and I even saw another interesting visitor....

We met some nice people in the campsite next to ours. Their names were Cliff and Cathy, and we enjoyed an evening drink with them last night. Randall even got stuck into the Canadian Club and lemonade, as Cliff was drinking a ready made one.

We are now at a place called Bonny Hills, about 25 kms south of Port Macquarie. We left Broken Head quite early, but had lots of stops along the way.

We had to stop to wash the car as it was filthy from being under some trees at Broken Head. We couldn't see out the side windows to play 'Spotto', so we headed for a carwash on the way south. Randall was impressed with the sign at the carwash:

Surprisingly, Randall has turned a bit 'green', as we recycled rainwater into our water tank at Broken Head. The water at Tullebudgerra tasted awful, so we didn't refill the tank, and, as it poured at Broken Head a couple of times, we put buckets out to collect the rainwater. So we still have 'nice' tasting water in the tank. (Not as good as Tassie though).
We have discovered many lovely places on the way south this time. We stopped for coffee at a lovely place called Urunga, right on the river

We will spend two nights here at Bonnie Hills and then work out how we are going to get to Melbourne.

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