Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fraser Island

Randall outside the bus on the barge.

Randall and I went on a 4wd bus tour of Fraser Island yesterday. It was an 'interesting' day, lots of the time being bumped around like in a washing machine over sandy tracks and past lots of bush, and then along the beach for kilometres and kilometres.
All of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, we could come across several tourist buses, and individual 4wd's all looking at the same tourist attraction.

We went for a rainforest walk along a boardwalk following a stream, which was rather nice, although Randall thinks that once you've seen one rainforest you've seen them all!! It was interesting in that the stream was quiet, as it ran over sand not rocks, and at times it looked just like a sandy track, and no water in it. Very pretty I thought.

The creek just looks like a sandy track.

We then had morning tea at one of the resorts on the island. On offer was a giant muffin, fairly dry, water cordial or coffee or tea. We then went on to a beautiful inland lake with a beach, called Lake McKenzie,where we had a refreshing swim. Our bus driver had a very ascerbic wit, that is, he was very sarcastic in his humour, and was also very quick to tell off people who held up the bus by not coming back at the prescribed time.

Lake McKenzie

We then went back to the resort, to have lunch. What a disappointment! It was what Randall would call slop, sloppy coleslaw, pasta salad, and tired old lettuce, and, when it came to the hot foods - they had run out by the time we got there! We were not far back in the line either. After we finished eating and it was time to go back to the bus, they had replenished the hot foods, so we were not impressed.

We headed off to look at a shipwreck, and the coloured sands that abound in this area, hence the name Rainbow Beach where we were staying.

Randall at the shipwreck.

Our last stop was to a very popular creek called Eli Creek. You walked upstream along a boardwalk, and then waded and swam down the creek to the beach. It was really pretty and a nice way to finish the tour


To get over and back to Fraser Island you went on a small barge. We were told we might see dolphins as we were heading over, but I was disappointed as we didn't see any.

Me, looking a bit windblown.

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