Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Warrambungle National Park

My word it is hot here!!! Randall is having his third shower of the day to cool down.

We left Forbes early this morning after a very enjoyable stay - some of the highlights being the community radio playing 24-7 in the amenities block, and the toilet paper folded to a point after the toilets were cleaned!!

We drove to Parkes and had a bit of a look around, then went on to Dubbo for a Macdonalds breakfast and coffee.

We went in search of a good country butcher at various little towns on our way to Coonabarrabran, but eventually found a nice looking butcher shop in Coonabarrabran.

We are now in Warrambungle National Park, about 30 km west of Coonabarrabran (I'm getting good at spelling that!)

We decided to go for the powered site to get the airconditioning under way as it is SO HOT! The camp site is quite nice, and there is a lot of interesting wildlife around. There are lots of kangaroos lying around in the shade of trees, and I even saw my first goanna in the wild!!
A visitor to the campsite opposite ours.

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  1. I would be finding a different campsite if I was you!!! Been checking each day, sounds like this current place is really clean - considering the efforts they go to with the toilet paper!! I received your card today, many thanks, and I will email a picture of me before I leave for the ceremony. May even send it through the phone.

    Take care