Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 4 of our journey

We left Warrumbungle National Park this morning, after an 'interesting' incident! We were having breakfast in the van, when Randall noticed a very animated man and about 3 children gesticulating at the various campsites around us and looking very aggressive. Randall thought he heard the work 'rifle' mentioned. A while later a young boy came over to us and asked us if we had found a Nintendo game that he left in the amenities block. Later, when we were filling up with petrol at Coonabarabran, the people who were camped next to us (and had young children), said they felt very threatened, as he said he would come back and aim a rifle at them if the Nintendo was not returned! Not long before we left, a police paddy wagon drove in and around the campsites, so we can assume someone rang them because of this nasty incident!

I might say that Randall also said that Warrumbungle wasn't a real national park, as it had far too many weeds, and there was a lot of man made land use - a pretend national park, not like the ones in Tassie :)

We left Coonabarabran at about 9.30 this morning, and drove through Narrabri and Mooree. Decided to keep going to the border at Goondawindi, and have parked here for the night at the Gundy Star Caravan Park. It is a bit open - not as much shade as we would like but it is ok.

Deb doing her 'blog' stuff. (Note the beer - it must be hot!)

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