Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, here we are at Forbes, staying at Apex Riverside Tourist Park.
It is very pretty here, so we are staying 2 nights. Yesterday we travelled about 670 km and even though we had a long stop at Tocumwal, on the border, we were very tired by the time we got here.
Tocumwal was very beautiful, on the Murray river, and we wish we had stopped there for the night, but we hadn't travelled very far at that stage, so we kept going.

Randall having Brunch at Tocumwal

When we arrived at Forbes it was very hot and I couldn't wait to swap my jeans for a pair of shorts!! After we set up we had a thunderstorm, which was very refreshing.
Randall made a mistake, and used the ladies shower and toilet until some people pointed out his mistake! How he missed the Ladies logo I don't know!!

Rainbow after the storm,

Our campsite overlooks the river.

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