Monday, January 12, 2009

Rainbow Beach

We are now at Rainbow Beach. It is very nice here. We are just near Fraser Island so we will probably go there in the next day or so.
We left Peregian Beach about 9.30 this morning and headed for Gympie. On the way we turned off to look at the Amamoor State Forest where there is a camping ground. Sign posting here is not good, Randall likes to go and check out these places which take forever to get there cause it doesn't say how many kilometres!! The camping groound was quite nice, but nothing else there so we kept going.
We stopped and had lunch at Gympie, which is quite a large town. The main street goes down quite a steep hill, which we were not looking forward to going back up in the heat of the day!
We arrived at Rainbow beach at about 3pm and set up camp. It was quite hot and steamy, but we made a pact to be nice to each other :)
The facilities are nice and clean. Only trouble is you have a pin code to get into the showers. I had to wear my glasses to get in, and even then I had trouble reading the numbers and letters as they are worn out! Luckily someone was coming out as I went in!
The park is quite large, but we are in a good campsite, near the facilities which is good.

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  1. Hello
    Love reading your blog. I was born and grew up in Gympie so I know exactly what you mean about the hill!!
    XX Fiona