Thursday, January 8, 2009

Peregian Beach!!!!

We got up very early this morning and headed for Peregian Beach. We were on the road at 6.40am, which was pretty good.

We got organised last night so that it would be a quick getaway in the morning. I went and did the ironing in the ironing room and found an interesting visitor just as I was about to empty the last of the hot water in the iron.

Luckily there was another sink to empty the iron into. Isn't he cute?!!

Our one and only stop was Warwick, where we enjoyed a bacon and egg mcmuffin and a cappucinno for breakfast. We got the cheapest petrol for years I reckon! Get a look at the price in the photo:

We kept going then, until we arrived at Peregian Beach. We were here about 13 years ago with the girls, and we found it by accident then. It is still a little paradise, not nearly so touristy as Noosa. Our caravan park is just across from a nice little shopping area, and then across the road to the beach.
When we arrived we were both very tired and hot and sweaty. Randall was backing the van into the site and trying to line it up with a slab of concrete. He went back too far and bumped into a camper trailer behind us. He now reckons our $550 rear bumper bar is worth it's weight in gold!! No damage to the camper trailer, or our van, thank goodness. Camp relations got off to a cool start, but all is ok now :)

We will stay here for a few days and enjoy the good weather. Much better than inland Queensland - it is far too hot!!

Randall on the beach

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