Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still at Peregian Beach

Had a very relaxing afternoon, after driving aroung the Sunshine Coast in the morning checking out other caravan sites. They certainly like roundabouts and motorways with one lane each way here!!! (Can be a bit stressful at times!) We have decided that we will stay here another few days and then head further north. All the caravan parks are really big and packed to the rafters, whereas here at Peregian Beach it is very nice with lots of trees and a nice atmosphere. The amenities block is a little bit 'tired', but Randall has set up our shower/toilet tent so we are very comfortable.
We had tea at a Thai restaurant acroos the road - Randall only came for the company!
We are now settled back in our van ready to watch some telly, then bed!


  1. Saturday January 10th, while Randall is playing cyber poker in horrible Qld heat, against Americans he cant stand, in refugee condtions in caravan parks, we are doing a pub crawl in yuppy Sth Mebourne for Cliffys Wilderbeest turn. Wilderbeest no good - lions cubs by 6pm!

  2. They're not exactly refugee conditions Alf. When you think of the Ted Parker Memorial Toilet block provided by bicycle Victoria, the Randall portable and collapsible thunderbox is as good as 5 star!!

  3. Don't forget Alf, that this camp is not based on vounteers, and it comes with air conditioning, solar panels, hot showers, radio, tv, internet, portable oven, freezer for the Peter's icecream, wind out awning and many other luxuries :)