Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Still at Tallebudgerra

We've been having a lovely stay here. We have moved campsite, and we are now on a much sought after site right near the water. It was great being here yesterday (Australia Day) as there was lots of action on the water and many families and groups set up their spots around the waterside.
We had sausages in bread for our lunch, cooked on our trusty Cobb.

I spent the afternoon reading a magazine and just watching the action in front of me. Randall had a much needed afternoon nap!

Australia Day riots seem to follow us! Last year we were at a place called Mulaloo just near Perth, and we left our apartment in the morning after watching heaps of people setting up their spots for a big day. There were huge riots and the place we were staying was attacked as well! We were so glad we left that morning.
Here at Burleigh Heads, just kilometres north of us, there has been rioting and a man was shot dead in a road rage incident during the early hours of the morning.

Look out wherever we are next year!!!

We never cease to be amazed at the different setups of caravans, camper trailers and tents. There is everything AND the kitchen sink! People in tents have powered sites so that they can have fridges and TVs. We wondered why there was a lone fridge left at a campsite - thought that the owners had left it behind by accident.....

only to see a van arrive a day or so later to collect it (even after it had been in the pouring rain).

They must do a roaring trade hiring out stuff. I'm sure people come and stay here for a month, so hiring a fridge or washing machine or tv makes good sense!

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