Monday, February 9, 2009

Cape Conran

Our last real stop before Melbourne was Cape Conran. We got up early and left Bateman's Bay to travel to a place Randall and I had thought about staying at on the way up the coast. It was fully booked then, but now that the school holidays have ended it was available. We had a few stops on the way, Eden being one of them. When we arrived at Cape Conran, we were very impressed with the camping area. There was no power, so our solar panels kept the fridge running. We had a shady spot, and it was only a short walk to the beach.

We decided to stay there two days and then head down to Melbourne on Friday for our departure on the ferry on Saturday night.
The thing that was so nice about the camp ground was that we could have a fire. There was plenty of wood left from previous campers, and Randall and I found lots of little sticks lying around to get the fire started. It was so nice sitting in front of the fire in the evening, and seeing other camp fires and smelling that nice smoke smell. It was the one and only time we did this, as it was far too hot at the other places we stayed.

This is our setup:

Randall has really set us up well in our caravan. We had great showers every day courtesy of our gas hot water heater and 12 volt shower. Here I am washing the salt off after a swim:

Here is our shower/toilet tent - very roomy!!

We had a great couple of days here and were very sad to leave as we knew that our holiday was over. Next stop Melbourne, with warnings of extreme weather the day we were to leave on the boat.

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