Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adelaide to Port Augusta

We are now in Port Augusta after an interesting and long trip from Adelaide. We had a bit of a late start, as we had caught up with some old friends from home as well as my sister and brother in law, the night before, and were very tired. (No, we hadn't overindulged!!)
We left Adelaide aroung 10am and stopped at a few places for things before we really got going. Our petrol stop at Dublin proved a bit funny. There was a local butcher there, so we got some meat fo make a schnitzel. I asked for some steak cut 1cm thick, only to be handed steak cut twice that thickness. Oh! said the butcher, if you'd told me it was for schnitzel.... Hello, what does 1cm thick mean to you??? Anyway, we got this adulterated meat but I think it will be ok for schnitzel:)
I had a nice sausage in bread next door anyway!
Our trusty GPS system led us astray yet again. We were looking for a nice camping ground suggested by BIL, and entered what we thought were the correct coordinates. We had gone quite a way off the highway and on this back road, when the 'man' said: "You have reached your destination"!!! To cut a long story short, by the time we got to the correct destination it was getting quite late and was very dim so we decided to cut our losses and head straight for Port Augusta.
The town is quite interesting and none of the houses have nice gardens like at home. They seem to be just gravel out the front with a few plants in a little kind of garden or nothing at all!!
The town was very quiet even for a Sunday, so we had a bit of a drive around then headed back to our camp for a relax.
As for the weather - it's the same as Tassie!!! Been about 16 degrees and cool overnight. At least all the clothes dried today - did a big wash.
Our plan is to head for Coober Pedy tomorrow - up very early and heading off around 7 am!


  1. Gooday Deb and Randall,
    Hoping you're enjoying the adventure. Sorry to have missed your return call the other day. Hope you enjoy the luxury of deciding day by day where you're going and what you're doing. Tanya and I are very envious, of this aspect particularly.

    We'll check the site periodically.

    Best wishes

  2. Hi Pete and Tan,
    yes we really are enjoying ourselves. we are finging it really interesting seeing new sites each day. Glad you like the blog :)