Friday, June 18, 2010

King's Canyon

OMG!! What an amazing place. We really did not know what to expect when we headed off to King's Canyon. We stopped on the way to collect a bit of extra firewood for the firepot.

There were 2 possible places to stay near KC, one about 20k's out, at King's Creek, and one at the KC resort, 6k's from the Canyon. Both were ridiculously expensive - $19 per person for a powered site! So we stayed at the resort as it was closer. We lit our firepot, only to have the nazis in their electric powered carts come and tell us to put it out :( We were allowed to cook our bbq though and then put it out!

There were a few dingoes around, so the amenities had gates you had to open and close.

We got up the next day and headed off to the canyon. I was determined to do the rim walk, as my knee had recovered from the day at the Olgas, but I walked carefully this time. The start of the walk was straight up!

It was a beautiful warm day - the first time I had ventured out with just a t-shirt on. We took our backpack waterbottles, and was very pleased to have done that as it was a quite demanding walk. The views were spectacular, and looking across you would think that the people were about to go over the edge!

The pathway was natural steps in a way, and we really enjoyed the whole thing very much!

We walked right down to a place called the Garden of Eden which was really beautiful.

We got back a couple of hours later, really looking forward to our coffee and lunch! Then we did the walk into the canyon on the ground - just a little walk and very pretty.

We never cease to be amazed at all the plants and trees here - so interesting! We weren't expecting to see any plants in the centre, but it is ever changing.
As we left KC we saw a couple of dingoes slinking along in the grass, and some wild horses crossed the road ahead of us.
We have now arrived at Alice Springs, where it was a bit hard finding a spot in a caravan park - all full up! Naturally the most expensive one was available, it is very nice. We are now about to head off and check out the town, with a shopping list in hand.


  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! If you get chance to got to the Desert Park I really enjoyed it (but it was a few years ago). The Birds of Prey flight show was amazing with a wild eagle joining in the display.
    It's been freezing here so enjoy the warmth!

  2. Thanks for that suggestion Trish. We had a shopping day today - haven't really checked out much of what Alice Springs has to offer yet.

  3. Hi guys,
    Just loving seeing your trip..... looking forwaed to a wine .... or two when you get back and looking at all the pics.
    there are so many photos that are almost identical to ours. you guys look like your having a blast. the street is mostly the same, we do have some new neighbours in No 6 (white wetherboard place on top side next to the girls) David, Tam and little Owen (2 and half) they seem lovely, so thinking its good excuse to have street get together........ Meet the neighbours night!!!! weather is not to bad..... For Tassie. And thats it really. all the street goss. love the no 9 crew. xxx