Saturday, June 19, 2010

Our Night Out in the Alice

We decided to treat ourselves to a night out last night, so we headed off for a nice tea (even took a taxi), then thought we'd check out the Casino while we were here. it's rather a nice casino - quite spacious and well laid out inside. Randall headed for the ATM so he could charge his pockets, then he headed to the poker table, and got himself settled. I decided to play blackjack so found a table and sat down. There were a couple of nice young fellas at the table and this rather naive young school teacher was standing behind them watching them play and asking some really silly questions. It was all good fun, and, though I didn't make any money, I certainly got value for my initial layout. Randall finished about the same time as me, except he came out on top which was good.
Since we came in a taxi, we had to get back in a taxi, but there were quite a lot of people waiting outside like us. Not to be outdone, Randall suggested we walk towards the highway, as we might have better luck waving one down. This was not successful, so Randall got out his phone and, using the Google Maps application, told me he knew the way home and to follow him - the walk would do me good. Thoughts of my good friend Karen rang in my head : "never walk around Alice Springs at night Deb". Anyway after what seemed like quite a long way, Randall realised we were heading the wrong way!!! So we had to backtrack about 2 kms before we got back to our original starting point, where I clarified that he was finally using the maps application properly!!! We then realised that we actually were only a very short way from the caravan park, so we kept walking and finally got home about 1 am. I might say that I saw absolutly no-one the whole time we were walking which would have been about 3/4 hour at least!!!
I had my pedometer on, and I had walked 21,000 steps all up. Very impressive I must say :)

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