Monday, June 14, 2010

Still at Uluru

We have been here for the last 3 nights and will stay tonight before heading off to King's Canyon tomorrow.
Our first full day we went to ground as it was so cold. There was no blue sky at all and very cold wind, so we just stayed in our caravan - I read a book, and Randall mucked around on his computer. Randall also used his culinary skills to make some bread, which is absolutely delicious!

We eventually visited The Rock and walked all around the base - 10 km at least. It was closed for climbing on the day we went, so we couldn't tackle it. We took so many photos as there was so much to take in. It is really impressive up close, and there is are a multitude of different trees and plants around it.
There was one really beautiful peaceful place we found - a gorge with a waterhole. It was totally quiet and still - just magic!

We were quite tired from the walk, but came back in the evening to see the sunset. It really did look amazing and we stayed over an hour taking photos.

We got up early this morning and headed off to see the sunrise - not nearly as spectacular as the sunset, and freezing cold, and we needed our coats and hats to keep warm.

We then headed out to The Olgas. They looked quite beautiful in the distance and again, they are quite amazing close up. We decided to do the Valley of the Winds walk first, as it was the longest. It sure lived up to its name! The wind was freezing in places, but we warmed up by the time we had finished the walk, 2.5 hours later! The walk was quite demanding - very steep and rocky and I really felt it in my dodgy knee, but it was worth it for the experience. We had an early lunch at the car - who would have thought vitawheat biscuits with cheese, and a mandarin could taste so good and then went on the next, much shorter walk called the Walpa Gorge walk.

We got back to our campsite at around 3pm after leaving at 6.30am, so I'm sure we will sleep well tonight!

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